CR-11X CSP modules

Our principal line of products are our charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) modules, which are small 8-pin single in-line package (SIP) epoxy-coated, single channel circuits less than 1 square inch in size.

CSP evaluation board

The CR-150-R5 evaluation board makes it easier for you to evaluate Cremat's line of charge sensitive preamplifiers. The CR-150-R5 has an 8-pin socket to accept a preamplifier module, as well as BNC connectors for the preamplifier output, test input, and detector bias input. There is a jack for a +24V wall-mounted power supply (available separately).

See our new video for instructions on assembling and using this board!

CSP housing

Because Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers are relatively sensitive, care must be taken to shield the active electronics from the usual ambient RF interference. The CR-150-BOX-R5 and CR-150-BOX-R5-HV are designed to accept and fully shield the CR-150-R5 evaluation board.

CR-200-X shaper modules

Shaping amplifiers are used to transform the shape of the pulses produced by charge sensitive preamplifiers to make the pulses Gaussian-shaped (bell shaped), improve signal-to-noise, and provide gain for the signals. Similar to Cremat's line of charge sensitive preamplifiers, the CR-200 series are 8-pin single in-line package (SIP) epoxy-coated, single channel circuits less than 1 square inch in size. They come in eight different shaping times from 50ns to 8μs.

Shaper module eval board

The CR-160-R7 evaluation board is intended for the evaluation of the CR-200 series of shaping amplifiers. When used with a CR-200 shaping amplifier and the optional CR-210 baseline restoration module, the CR-160-R7 creates a low noise Gaussian shaping amplifier having input and output BNC connectors, adjustable gain, reversible polarity, output offset adjustment, and pole/zero compensation.

Housing for shaper eval board

The CR-160-BOX-R3 is a die-cast aluminum housing intended for use with the CR-160-R7 evaluation test board. Holes have been positioned on the CR-160-BOX-R3 in locations associated with BNC connector positions (input and output) and banana connector positions (-12V, GND, +12V) on the CR-160-R7 board. There is also a rectangular hole to gain access to the fine gain adjustment potentiometer, the piano-style gain and polarity switches on the CR-160-R7 board.

CR-210 baseline restorer

The CR-210 is a baseline restorer (BLR) circuit, developed to correct for the natural baseline depression at the shaping amplifier output occurring at medium to high count rates. The CR-210 BLR circuit will set the baseline at ground and result in higher resolution spectroscopic measurements in conditions of varying count rate.

CR-24V wall mount power supply

The CR-24V wall mounted power supply provides power to the CR-150-R5 evaluation board. The power supply can be used internationally because an assortment of connector blades are provided which can adapt to many different outlet styles.

Pre-assembled parts (instruments)

The products below are instruments consisting of Cremat modules mounted on evaluation boards inside housings and furnished with power supplies. They allow the time-strapped user to evaluate Cremat modules without having to connect the modules to the evaluation boards, solder connectors, install the board into the housing, etc.

CR-Z line of CSP instruments

The CR-Z-11X line of charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) instruments are instruments built around Cremat series of CR-11X CSP modules. These instruments are ready to be used "out of the box", and include a wall mounted power supply capable of being used internationally.

CR-S2-X shaping amplifier instrument

The CR-S2 line of shaping amplifier instruments are fully-assembled shaping amplifier instruments, made from Cremat parts and are ready to be used "out of the box". There are eight different instruments available, differing only in the model of shaping amplifier module used. For example, the CR-S2-100ns instrument uses the CR-200-100ns shaping amplifier module.

Each assembled instrument consists of a Cremat CR-200 series shaping amplifier module and a CR-210 baseline restoration module mounted on a CR-160-R8 evaluation board, inside an aluminum housing. A wall-mounted power supply is included with the CR-S2 instrument capable of being used internationally.

Instruments from other organizations featuring Cremat modules

A number of other organizations have developed detection instruments based on Cremat modules. These instruments are commercially available and are sold and supported by these other organizations.

These instruments are certainly useful for radiation detection applications, but they are also useful for evaluating Cremat modules. If you wish further information on these instruments or to have a discussion with a sales engineer you should contact these organizations directly.