the UPDATED CR-160-R7 shaping amplifier eval board

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In many instances avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are used to detect signals that are in the form of short pulses. Examples of this are the detection of radiation events from scintillators, or the detection of reflected laser pulses. In these cases, the best method to amplify the signal pulses from the avalanche photodiode is to use a charge sensitive preamplifier.

Avalanche photodiodes can be coupled to a charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) using a 'DC-coupled' circuit or an 'AC coupled' circuit. Examples of these circuits are shown here:

Most circuits use an AC-coupled circuit because the detector's dark current does not pass into the preamplifier input. This dark current results in a DC offset at the preamplifier output which in some instances can be large enough to saturate the preamplifier. Another advantage of AC coupling is that one of the detector's connections is at ground, which can assist in photodiode/detector packaging considerations.

Cremat's CR-150 evaluation board makes use of AC coupling to couple the detector to the active CSP module.

In addition to being used as avalanche photodiode preamplifiers, Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers may be used with other semiconductor radiation detectors (e.g. CdTe, CdZnTe, etc), photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), other silicon photodiodes such as pin photodiodes, or gas-based detectors (e.g. ionization chambers, proportional counters).

All product specifications can be found at this web site, as well as application notes describing their best use.


Modular Approach

Cremat encourages a modular approach to developing radiation detection instrumentation. Changes or repairs may be simply effected by changing modules.

Cremat's CR-110 charge sensitive preamplifier may possibly be a pin-for-pin replacement for hybrid components in your existing circuitry.
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