The CR-150-R5 is an evaluation board for any of the CR-11X CSP modules. The board has provisions to be powered either by a wall-mounted power supply (CR-24V, sold separately) or by the user's +/-12V power supply. There are 3 PC mountable BNC connectors included but not installed onto the board. There is provision for biasing the detector using 'AC coupling' and a 'test input' is included. A shielded housing is available for this board: CR-150-BOX-R5.

CR-150-R5 photo

This is part of an 'a la carte' approach to constructing a CSP instrument. A CR-11X module, plus this CR-150-R5 eval board, plus the CR-150-BOX-R5 housing, plus the CR-24V power supply, and finally some assembly (including soldering) will provide you with the equivalent of a CR-Z-11X CSP instrument.

See our new video for instructions on assembling and using this board!