Cremat offers fully-assembled shaping amplifier instruments, made from Cremat parts. Cremat's CR-S2 line of shaping amplifier instruments are ready to be used "out of the box".

There are eight different completed instruments available, differing only in the model of shaping amplifier module used. For example, the CR-S2-100ns instrument uses the CR-200-100ns shaping amplifier module. If for some reason you want to change the shaping time, you need only to swap out the CR-200-X module within the instrument for that of a different shaping time. The modules are socketed and can be removed and reinserted without soldering.

CR-S2 angle view

Each assembled instrument consists of a Cremat CR-200-X series shaping amplifier module and a CR-210 baseline restoration module mounted on a CR-160-R8 evaluation board, inside an aluminum housing. A wall-mounted power supply is included with the CR-S2 instrument which is capable of being used internationally.