The CR-Z line of charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) instruments are instruments built around Cremat series of CR-11X CSP modules. These instruments are ready to be used "out of the box", and include a wall mounted power supply capable of being used internationally.

The CR-Z-110 is our most sensitive preamplifier and is intended for use with pin photodiodes, surface barrier/PIPS detectors, CdTe/CZT detectors and proportional counters. The CR-Z-111 is suited for detectors with somewhat more gain, such many types of APDs. The CR-Z-PMT is intended for use with PMT detectors and the CR-Z-SiPM is a version intended for SiPM photodiodes.

CR-X-110 large photo

These instruments have five connections: the power supply connection, detector input, detector bias input, test signal input, and preamplifier output. The detector input and detector bias input are BNC connectors which can be used for detector bias voltage up to 500V. There is an option for SHV connectors to be used in these positions, which allow for detector bias voltage up to 2000V. The CR-Z-PMT has only four connections because it does not have a bias connection (the PMT is biased externally to the preamplifier). The CR-Z-SiPM does not have a -HV option because detector biases are always below 100V.