Procedure for ordering parts from Cremat Inc:

Step 1:

Send us an Email describing:

1) The part numbers you want to order including quantities.

2) Your preferred shipping method. If you are in the US, this would be either UPS ground, FedEx 2-day, FedEx standard overnight, etc. Outside the US we will respond with your shipping options. If you have your own shipping account you wish to use, please provide that information.

3) Your Name

4) Company or institution

5) Your phone number

6) Full delivery address

Step 2:

We will email you an online-payable invoice (either through PayPal or Square) showing all costs, including shipping cost. Payment can be made using any major credit card. We will use Square for US sales, PayPal for sales outside the US. If you prefer we can also handle wire transfer payments. Contact us for our bank information.

Step 3:

We will ship your order upon receipt of your payment. Often this is the same day.


Prices for Cremat parts to US customers and many international customers are listed below. Customers in Austria, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, or the United Kingdom should contact the distributors for those territories, they will provide you with pricing and delivery information.

part# description price (1-24) price (25-99) price (≥100)
CR-110-R2 Charge sensitive preamplifier module $55 $50 $47.50
CR-111-R2.1 Charge sensitive preamplifier module $55 $50 $47.50
CR-112-R2.1 Charge sensitive preamplifier module $55 $50 $47.50
CR-113-R2.1 Charge sensitive preamplifier module $55 $50 $47.50
CR-Z-110 Charge sensitive preamplifier instrument based on the CR-110 module $330 $300 $284
CR-Z-110-HV CR-Z-110 with SHV connectors replacing the BNC connectors at the detector input and bias input $380 $345 $327
CR-Z-111 Charge sensitive preamplifier instrument based on the CR-111 module $330 $300 $284
CR-Z-111-HV CR-Z-111 with SHV connectors replacing the BNC connectors at the detector input and bias input $380 $300 $327
CR-Z-PMT Charge sensitive preamplifier instrument based on the CR-113 module. Use for PMTs $330 $300 $284
CR-Z-SiPM Charge sensitive preamplifier instrument based on the CR-113 module. Use intended for SIPM photodiodes $330 $300 $284
CR-150-R5 Evaluation board for any of Cremat's CSPs (i.e. CR-110, CR-111, CR-112, or CR-113) $105 $95 $90
CR-150-BOX-R5 Aluminum housing for CR-150-R5 evaluation board $39 $39 $39
CR-150-BOX-R5-HV housing for CR-150-R5 eval board with SHV connectors installed $59 $59 $59
CR-24V Wall mount power supply for CR-150-R5 $19 $17 $16
CR-160-R7 Evaluation board for the CR-200 series of shaping amplifiers and CR-210 baseline restorer $159 $144 $137
CR-160-BOX-R3 Aluminum housing for CR-160-R7 evaluation board $39 $39 $39
CR-210-R0 Baseline restoration module $69 $62 $60
CR-200-50ns-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 50ns shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-100ns-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 100ns shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-250ns-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 250ns shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-500ns-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 500ns shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-1us-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 1us shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-2us-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 2us shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-4us-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 4us shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-200-8us-R2.1 Shaping amplifier module: 8us shaping time $55 $50 $47.50
CR-S2-50ns "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 50ns shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-100ns "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 100ns shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-250ns "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 250ns shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-500ns "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 500ns shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-1us "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 1us shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-2us "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 2us shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-4us "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 4us shaping time $490 $446 $425
CR-S2-8us "S2" series shaping amplifier instrument: 8us shaping time $490 $446 $425