the UPDATED CR-160-R7 shaping amplifier eval board

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Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers (CSPs) can be used to read out pulse signals from radiation detectors as diverse as semiconductor radiation detectors (e.g. CdTe, CZT), scintillator-photodiode detectors, gas-based detectors such as ionization chambers and proportional counters, and photomultiplier tubes (PMTs).

Cremat offers four different charge sensitive preamplifier models:
CR-110, CR-111, CR-112, and the CR-113. These preamplifiers are all modules of the same size and are pin-for-pin compatible with each other. They differ from each other primarily by their gain, with the
CR-110 having the highest gain (1.4 volts per picoCoulomb). The
CR-111 gain is approximately a factor of 10 reduced (0.13 volts per picoCoulomb). The gain of the CR-112 is a further factor of 10 reduced (13 mV per picoCoulomb), and the least sensitive preamplifier is the CR-113 (1.3mV per picoCoulomb). The CR-112 and CR-113 may be suitable for use with detectors producing large signals such as PMTs.

For information on choosing the best preamplifier for your application, see our Tips on choosing a preamplifier page. Users seeking more information on the how to best implement these preamplifiers should see our CSP Application Notes. We also offer an illustrated example of a detection system constructed using Cremat modules. Specifications for our charge sensitive preamplifiers can be accessed from the following links:

CR-110 charge sensitive preamplifier

CR-111 charge sensitive preamplifier

CR-112 charge sensitive preamplifier

CR-113 charge sensitive preamplifier

Use with CR-150

Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers can easily be tested using the CR-150 series of evaluation boards.

The CR-150 is equipped with a socket capable of accepting any of Cremat's charge sensitive preamplifiers, the electronics necessary to 'AC-couple' your detector to the preamplifier, a terminal block for the power supply connections, a power supply regulator, and (depending on the model) an output connector.

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