The CR-160-R7 evaluation board is intended for the evaluation of the CR-200-X series of shaping amplifier modules and the optional CR-210 baseline restoration module. When used with these modules, the CR-160-R7 creates a low noise Gaussian shaping amplifier having input and output BNC connectors, adjustable gain, reversible polarity, output offset adjustment, pole/zero compensation and baseline restoration.

The CR-200-X shaping amplifier modules are small boards (less than 1 in2 in area) having an 8-pin SIP connection on one edge and are available in four different shaping times. To create the fully adjustable shaping amplifier described, one CR-200 amplifier needs to be plugged into the SIP socket on the CR-160-R7 evaluation board. In addition, there is the option to add a baseline restoration function to the shaping amplifier by adding a CR-210 baseline restorer module. Baseline restoration corrects for the depression of the output signal baseline which normally occurs at medium to high pulse count rates.